How to buy cheap ipe decking or ipe hardwood decking with discount

Prices ipe wood


Currently in the economic downturn people are more and more looking for cheaper ipe decking or decking with discounts, without loosing on the quality. There are a few options to achieve this and we will outline below how to buy your ipe cheaper or with a big discount


The principle of ipe hardwood milling (production) output


In order to understand the price mechanism we have to go back into the hard wood saw mill. From a log any kind of mill will have an output of all different widths, lengths and qualities, also called grades. Roque Valente SRL’s hardwood mill is located right inside the Amazon and is cutting all its lumber into a single thickness of 1”. Anyhow these widths cannot be determined since logs are round and have defects which need to be cut out or to be cut around. So the hardwood mill output contains widths like 2”, 3”, 4”, 5” and 6”. Read more on how you can obtain a lower ipe wood price related to output …



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How to buy cheap ipe hard wood decking or discount ipe wood decking

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prices ipe decking

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