Roque Valente SRL and FLEG (Forest Law Enforcement and Governance)


The Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (FLEG) process aims to combat the threats posed to forests by illegal logging, trade, poaching and corruption. Illegal logging takes place when timber is harvested, processed, transported, brought or sold in violation of national laws including:

·    Obtaining concessions illegally (eg via corruption and bribery) or without full and informed consent.

·    Cutting protected tree species or extraction trees from a protected area

·    Taking out more trees, under sized trees, oversized trees than is permitted or trees outside an agreed area

·    Illegal processing and export

·    Fraudulent declaration to customs of the amount of timber being exported

·    Non payment or under payment of taxes

·    Use of fraudulent documents to smuggle timber internationally


Illegally logged timber destroys lives by perpetuating a vicious cycle of violence, intimidation, corruption and environmental and social degradation. A ban on the import of wood products from illegal and destructive sources is the only way to stop illegal logging.


Roque Valente SRL is your best option since Bolivia is in the lead with the largest extension of natural tropical FSC certified forests worldwide.

The only recognized way to combat illegal logging and degradation of the wildlife is by certified harvesting. In Bolivia – and so with Roque Valente SRL this works out with tracking and tracing:







·    First one has to certify its forest lands by the governmental ‘Superintendencia Forestal’.

·    In this certification process all trees that may be used for logging are mapped and numbered.

·    The rules and regulations about this process is derived from the law 1700.

·    Once the certification process is completed, the owner of the property will receive a list of m³ he is allowed to cut specified by the specie of the wood. This inventory is called ‘concession’.

·    According to the logging he will receive ‘green’ certificates (CFO verde) with the logs mentioned individually of its width, length and its number according to the referring to the concession. This certificate has to accompany the logs while transporting and in at its destination (saw mill).

·    Once the logs have been sawn, the CFO verde must be changed into a CFO rojo (red). On this certificate the authorization number of the original concession is mentioned.

·    Either sold domestically or for export, each plank must be accompanied with a certifcate (either rojo or azul for export). Therefore, any plank can be traced back to its legal origin.   



·    Buying from Roque Valente SRL means traceable lumber products.

·    Buying from Roque Valente SRL means that along with the export we are able to serve the client with the legal certificate of the lumber’s origin for third parties.


So, by a sustainable forestry ROQUE VALENTE sells Certified A1 class wood, the best choice thru the best quality against the lowest price! Contact now.